Recycling compmany,"Braća Ilić" was founded in 1993,in Bačka Palanka, and continues to be the pioneer in materials recycling. Utilizing the experience of it's founders the company has become a leader in recycling of metals and nonmetals in the region.
The D.O.O."Braća Ilić",set on 12000 square meters, it is equipped with latest recycling technology, employing 25 full time employees. The company is known as the leading buyer of the recycling materials in Vojvodina region. It's biggest customers are international, specifically steel plants in the region. Through recycling, the company serves as a vital link among the companies gathering the materials and big companies who are utilizing them recycled materials to make final products.
Since it's inception, the company was an exemplary family owned business, it grew into a mid-size company,and it will continue to grow, as the recycling is the way of the future, doing business by following the ecological principles.